Renderings, Flats, & Computer Aid Design


Parasol Park

After a few years in the retail costume industry, as well as, years studying theatre and fashion  I decided to combine all my experiences and this line was born.


Below are images from three collection: one realized, one in production, and one that was conceptual only.


 Theatrical concepts

This section includes renderings for shows that were not realized. Those shows include The Menaechmi and Barnum.

Pencil sketches

Individual costume pieces for things such as costume parties and Halloween also require renderings.  Many of these I do in pencil as seen here.


Apparel flats and floats

Renderings and illustrations are beautiful but the blueprint of a garment is a flat.  They show all the seam lines, notions, and details needed to pattern properly.

 CAD Illustration

Using programs such as adobe illustrator and photo shop can be efficient,and still provide an individualized look when rendering.