Management, Fabric Cutting, & Stiching


Leading with passion!

As a manager I know it takes an entire team of costume shop workers to bring a show to life.  Providing the guidance, instruction, and support they needed is  the key to success.

 Creating Reality

Managers provide the way to make renderings and vision into a realized show.  They budget, pull, buy, alter, organize, fit, and fill in when needed.  


 Fabrics tell the story

Leather, velvet, sequin, spandex, and more, theatre is full of all these fabrics.  Below highlights a few  favorite fabrics I have cut. 

Details make the design!

The importance of a well cut garment is of the highest importance.  Here are examples of garments that required pattern matching.



 Garments constructed well can really make the difference.  Weather a tricky fabric or an intricate design detail I have experience with both, as shown here.

 Quality construction

Stitching the final product in theatre takes a balance of speed and accuracy. Below are examples of garments that I have constructed with both.