Costume Design


Tortoise vs hare: Rematch!

Merry Go Round Youth Theatre

Summer 2016

Budget: $700,build time eleven days

Combination pull, buy, and build

Characters are made to be relatable through the period appropriate clothing, and yet stay in their fantasy world by maintaining fun animal pieces.    


Alexander and the...Bad Day

The Little Theatre on The Square

August 1-13, 2011

Budget $300, build time two weeks

Combination pull, buy, and build

The use of bright colors and patterns show the imaginative and youthfulness of the play.


Cat on a hot tin Roof

Lyric Arts Main Street Stage 

September 10-26, 2010 

 Budget: $500, build time seven weeks

Combination of buy, pull, and build

For this show color was used to demonstrate the strong emotions and structure of clothing was used to show the perfection that is longed for.

Edith stein

Open Window Theatre 

February 9-26, 2012 

 Budget: $300, build time five weeks

Combination of buy, pull, and rent

This sobering true story is supported by design through accuracy to period and restraint within style and tone. Simplicity shows the socioecomonics of the time.  


Lundstrum Performing Arts

Lundstrum Performing Arts

Spring showcase and gala, 2012 

 Budget: $200, build time three weeks

Combination of pull, alter, and buy

Danceable simple looks that supported the world of the song and performance where created for each class showcase and gala number. 


The Wizard of Oz

Morris Park Players

Spring, 2012 

 Budget: $750, build time eight weeks

Combination of buy, pull, rent, and build

Contrast of reality and a whimsical adventure were created through sparkle, color, and texture.